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Our Education Recruitment Service

Cassidy Education offers a very thorough education recruitment service for Early Years, Primary, Secondary, FE and Special Education. Catering for both teaching and support staff. We spend extensive time recruiting and screening highly skilled staff for our team so we can best match the requirements of our client schools.

What this service includes:

Cassidy offers a range of services to support the needs of the casual workforce in the education sector. We provide day to day, short-term, long-term contracts and permanent staffing solutions. Whatever is required we will work hard to meet the needs of our clients and also our employees.

Using Cassidy Education

We make it very simple to use our service. There are no lock in contracts. All we need is your schools details and a simple acknowledgement on your understanding of how Cassidy will provide you a quality service from that point and into the future. Our office is open to receive calls from 8am to 6pm Monday to Friday (we do tend to close a little earlier on a Friday to reward our staff for the hard work and hours they put in during the week).

Once the office is closed and the phones are switched to “Night Mode” we have a reliable messaging service that will explain how to leave a booking.

Once a teacher has been placed in to your booking, we then confirm the name of the teacher and class they are covering. You will have a team of consultants who specifically look after your school, who are familiar with your school’s needs and teachers who will match your school setting. We make regular visits to to our clients, this helps us maintain a level of service that we know will be hard to match in the industry.

Our Team

The Cassidy Education team consists of staff from either education or education recruitment backgrounds. With our experience as teachers or in the recruitment industry, we understand the needs of schools from personal experience. As a result we also know what to look for in a teacher.

Recruitment process for our candidate pool

Candidate Attraction

Cassidy Education has a strong presence on the internet, and as a result attracts teachers and support staff looking for local jobs in education. We advertise extensively in print, online, social media newspapers, Gumtree, etc. We also attend many graduate recruitment fairs both locally and abroad, to market our services to enthusiastic teachers starting their careers. Recently we have began experiencing the great world of social media which is producing fantastic results.


As much as we would like to accommodate the needs of all applicants to Cassidy Education, there is no way we can. We shortlist teachers and support staff based on their experience, qualifications, quality of references provided, requirements of client schools in their area, and the likelihood of us being about to find work for them.

Once a teacher is shortlisted, they are screened over the phone with a series of questions before being invited for an interview. To be successful in gaining an interview candidates must have excellent English communication skills, this is a necessity for all our client schools in London and Essex.

Reference checking

All Cassidy teachers have a minimum of 2 teaching reference checks completed. These are from supervisors, or managers who have observed the candidate’s teaching, preferably the head or class teacher, who have been in charge during a candidate’s most recent teaching experience. Our preference, and that of any employer, is to prioritise candidates who have the most teaching experience in schools before we broaden our parameters to other sector experience.


Each teacher and teaching assistant we invite to register has a 1-on-1 interview with a Cassidy Education consultant. This involves taking candidates through a list of expectations, questioning them on classroom experience, behaviour management techniques and teaching methodologies they use in the classroom to engage students.

Our interview procedure allows us to determine a teachers specific skill set, so when our client school calls in, we can effectively match the best teacher to each booking. Our interview process also serves to help teachers gain the knowledge for possible long-term employment.


All temporary staff we have on file undergo a check to ensure they are registered for teaching in UK. This alone does not mean a teacher automatically qualifies to work with Cassidy Education. They must also produce their qualifications and photo ID. When a teacher agrees to work within our expectations and signs our temporary workers agreement, they then become available for teaching jobs in London and Essex area.

Follow up

In order to maintain standards we regularly send out feedback forms for clients to complete regarding the teacher’s performance. Quality follow up enables us to address urgent issues and to recognise best practice. Follow up also gives us an indication of possible PD that would benefit the teacher in gaining more regular relief teaching work or a permanent contract.

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