Teachers have the ability to make a miserable day seem light and cheery. They are also on the whole, highly intelligent, passionate, quirky, dynamic and enthusiastic in their wanting to make a difference. There is no other job like theirs, so they have to be all those things. Teachers are different to the rest of us. They have a drive for improvement in others and themselves, very few professions outside of teaching require. That being said, their ability to become one with the student and truly laugh at themselves is a teacher’s most endearing feature. Here’s a list of 8 things we at Cassidy Education believe are common among most teaching professionals.

1. Teachers love caffeine and cake

They just don’t function normally without the caffeine and sugar on board. If it’s the first tea or coffee of the day, it is often what gets a teacher back to normal. Even amidst a chorus of “a minute on the lips, a lifetime on the hips”, no teacher can resist the staffroom cakes and biscuits.

2. Teachers have a different voice

It’s the one they use when standing in front of their class – their professional voice – and it is very different from our day-to-day speaking voice. Their voice is loud in a quiet way, instantly telling all around that they are now in ‘teacher mode’. Their facial features, tone of voice, their body language all play a part.

3. Teachers love a good chat

When you think about a teacher’s work life, it’s not surprising they like a good natter every chance they get. They spend all day with non-adult company and at times it can be lonely. Sure they love their students but there’s little better than a quick chat over coffee or in the halls.

4. Bathroom discipline

A teacher has trained themselves to use the bathroom twice a day, their ‘free’ and their lunch time.

5. Teachers are addicted to stationery

It’s simple, they are addicted to stationery. A new folder, coloured pencils, highlighters and various sizes and colours of sticky reminders. New stationery is often not an option with many teachers, they are just not able to help themselves and often have to justify random and unnecessary stationery purchases.

6. Teachers are actors

Teaching is a lot like acting, a performance profession that requires a role model. All teachers have an uncanny ability to make learning fun at their own expense. This often requires leaving their comfort zone to make an ass of themselves. All in pursuit of a better lesson or experience for their students, not only during lesson time but on any given talent show, assembly or performance.

7. Teachers are super resourceful

A teacher has to continuously look for solutions to everyday teaching challenges. Regularly making creative use of the available physical resources like parents and the environment to the optimising of textbooks and traditional resources. This skill means its good to have a teacher nearby.

8. Teachers are geeks and it’s chic

All teachers are creative and have in-depth subject knowledge, but making engaging lessons and maximising learning opportunities is never easy. Teachers always ask “what if I did this way instead” or “use this resource for that”. They are always looking to inspire and are comfortable taking chances.

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