We asked our teachers what methods they use to get students excited about learning and striving for success.

Whether you are new to teaching or not, check out these tried and trusted ways to motivate students.

1. Use positive reinforcement
Rather than laying down the law and focusing purely on the consequences of not doing things, students are more likely to stay motivated to work when the adults around them believe in their abilities. Focus on what they can do, and not what happens if they can’t.

2. Leave the classroom
Sitting at a desk day all day soon becomes boring for many students. Get out of the classroom as often as it is feasible, take trips, invite engaging members of the community to speak, or just do some research in the library. Changing the setting often is exactly what some students need to stay motivated and on topic.

3. Embrace competition
Fostering a friendly spirit of competition can motivate students to try harder. On topic group games and discussions can offer opportunities for students to show off what they’ve learned.

4. Assign responsibilities
Classroom jobs build a spirit of community is often an excellent source of motivation. Students see classroom responsibilities as an honour and often work hard to meet the expectations of the role.

5. Recognise and encourage
Most students seek recognition and praise, reward a student’s success publicly by giving praise and sharing the exemplary work.

6. Show enthusiasm
The very best way to motivate students is to display your passion. Let them know when you’re excited about a topic or a lesson; they’ll also be more excited; it’s that easy.

7. Show appreciation
Knowing your students is not about remembering their names, you need to show a genuine interest. Find out what they care about, when students feel appreciated, they work harder, as they believe someone knows and respects them. Knowing your students has many benefits, you can relate classroom material to interests and trends. Making lessons infinitely more interesting for students, motivating them for longer.

8. Have fun.
It is certain that students who have a good time will be more motivated to listen and complete the work if they do not regard it as a chore. Incorporating fun activities helps students engage and makes the classroom a friendly and happy place for everyone.

Do you have any tips to add to this list? Contact us or leave it in the comments section below.

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