The advent of technology has brought about great transformation in teaching and learning, most especially in the 21st century. With the use of technology, simple but effective learning has been made increasingly possible. The number of students using digital devices are increasing each day, even among children younger than 15 years of age. The most common among these devices is the iPad, and it is becoming more common in the classroom. Its user friendly characteristics makes it a very popular among students.

Technology is making learning and teaching easier for both the students and the teachers. It brings about creativity and makes learning interesting. Gone are the days when a student who can’t write fast will lose many of the write ups or accolades. With the aid of technology, students can now record the class lectures and play them as often as they wish during their own leisure time. Technology does not only bring about effective learning, it can also often help to improve the conceptual understanding of a subject matter.

There are hundreds of examples of technology being used to improve learning in the classrooms. Some of these are mobile devices, laptops, interactive whiteboards, microphones, e – learning programs, class blogs, and social platforms. These new technologies also make distance learning easier, with feedback from professors being almost immediate. Technology can create a platform for group learning or group discussion among students never previously felt.

Some of these technologies are discussed below:

The Computer

One of the latest technologies that contributes immensely to effective learning is the use of computer in the modern day classroom. Unlike in previous times where desktop computers are the only available, most students are now using portable laptops that can carried easily without adding much weight to a students load. Apart from laptops or notebooks, there are some other related devices like Tablets and iPads. Many of these gadgets have pre-installed applications that help in effective learning. Examples of these applications includes MS Office, Internet Explorer, Ever note, etc.

Smart Phones

It seems everyone has a smart phone these days and these mobiles devices are very common among students and teachers. Perfect for use by both lecturers and students for academic purposes. As small as smart phones are, they can also contain simple applications like that on your computer.

Teachers can make course material accessible for students on mobile. This will help to save the cost of copying course materials. Since all smart phones have the ability to access the internet, more information about the course materials can be researched by the students in order to have in-depth knowledge of the subject matter.

Projector and Whiteboards

Most of the whiteboards that are being used today have touch screen features that allow the teacher to clarify some points by using their fingers or pen. Through the use of a projector, visual images can be displayed on these whiteboards. Visual is said to be one of the most effective ways of teaching. Students tends to understand and remember visual objects easily. The combination of a projector and interactive whiteboards make these learning benefits a reality. Whiteboards come in various sizes and many of the ones that are in use today are either fixed in the classroom or on wheels to easily move from one classroom to another.

There are many technologies that are used for effective learning that cannot be covered in this article. Others include the use of microphone, video, gaming apps, interactive whiteboards, social media platforms, mini blogging, online class forums, and many others.

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