The holiday season is just around the corner, with Halloween coming right up and Christmas next! As teachers, you’ll want to try to balance fun and learning for the students. What better way to achieve class camaraderie than a class party?

Saying that class parties are not always the most fun events. To give way for decorations, we have to take away all the visuals, the schedule, the routine, and the structure that our students thrive on. On top of that, we give them excessive amounts of sugar in cakes and candies! It is a hot mess at the end of the day – but it shouldn’t be. Here are some tips on throwing a successful class party.

1. Set stations

Stations in a party? Why not! In fact, add more stations, so they feel that some of them are “special.” With stations, you can differentiate, provide proper-levelled activities, and keep everything organised. Pick 4 or 5 fun activities and have an adult run each station – you can invite the social working, SLP, or even parent volunteers!

2. Use visuals

Think about all verbal directions you’re going to give during a class party. There will be new rules, lots of do’s and don’ts (don’t eat all the candy!), new activities and schedule changes. For each activity, set up cards with directions and pictures, showing the steps that are needed for each new activity. Make sure they know what’s expected of them, as things aren’t fun when you don’t know what the goal is.

3. Prepare food

To control the amount of sugar that the class gets – and prevent “sugar high” in general, set up a “cooking station”. You can create fruit salads, decorate cookies, or even make sandwiches. Make sure to check for allergies and nutritional content!

4. Use schedules

If you are thinking that a class party is as simple as announcing, “we’re gonna party!” and have free play all day, we are going to tell you now that that is a recipe for disaster. Our students thrive on structure, so make sure to keep structure, routine and organisation throughout the party. Observe proper break times, make sure the students know how long each activity is going to last, tell them what’s expected of them, and always provide visuals as in the form of schedules. And don’t forget – have fun!

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