As a job seeker, you know that your qualifications matter. However, you’ve also heard the saying, ‘it’s all about who you know’. If we therefore assume that by maintaining and having relevant professional connections can genuinely help people improve their careers, then surely it is a missed opportunity if job seekers do not seek professional networks.

Showcasing your professional connections, skills and qualifications has never been easier. LinkedIn is a social media platform centred around advancing careers. It is extremely user-friendly and essentially allows professionals an opportunity to communicate with their connections. It is also a valuable resource for recruiters and job seekers alike.

If you’re a teacher or education professional and wish to improve your career – here are some ways LinkedIn can work for you:

1. Share Your Curriculum Vitae. LinkedIn is much more than an online CV/resume. You can post a personal summary, employment history, any volunteer experience, activities, interests, skills, and more. In many cases you’ll find that this version of your CV will be the first version an employer sees. LinkedIn makes it easy to get your CV in front of the people who matter.

2. Connect With Colleagues. You can easily connect with friends and colleagues from any previous employment or study experience you have had, allowing you to have well-respected education professionals as direct connections. You never know but maybe your next interviewer will have a connection in common with you, and just like that, you’ll have your foot in the door.

3. List Skills And Get Endorsed By Connections. Teachers with specialised skills are in demand and you can use LinkedIn to list these skills. Connections see these and endorse you for skills they know you have. Any listed skill when backed up with 25 endorsements looks a great on your LinkedIn profile.

4. Gain Recommendations. LinkedIn allows for others to recommend you based on your past employment.

5. Promote Your Interests. Do you write your own blog, coach a sports team? LinkedIn is the place to share these extracurriculars, especially ones that highlight your skill-set.

6. Follow Influencers and Companies. LinkedIn allows users to follow influencers and companies that interest them. If you have a people you look up to, or interests, you’ll surely find them on LinkedIn. This allows you to engage in discussions, share and gain insights.

Have fun getting set up on LinkedIn and remember to update your CV with your LinkedIn profile address, especially when you’ve made some connections and gained some endorsements.

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