Writing a good cover letter and a fantastic CV is a given but what really makes for a perfect candidate? A successful jobseeker stands out because they do certain things. They are not hard and can be adapted by anyone regardless your industry or position held. Read on to find out the key traits of a successful jobseeker. Here are the five things I recommend:

Be Creative

Most HR managers agree, resumes say very little. How much information can people really fit in onto a single piece of paper? A resume blends into others just like it. Resumes in their traditional form made sense before technology allowed people to express themselves in other ways. Today you can do better.

Utilise technology

Do something that makes you stand out. Do something that lets your qualities shine. Videos are a great way to do this, put together a video and show off your personality in a way a paper CV never could. Remember recruiters have a limited time, so keep it short and compelling.

Think Outside the Box

Do something people aren’t expecting, demonstrate that you are willing to learn new things, undertake challenges, and have different experiences. In the weeks leading up to an application, do something you’ve never done before and mention that.

Be Social

Facebook, Twitter and other social media tools allow you to study, connect and interact with prospective future employers and colleagues. Giving insight into their likes, dislikes and priorities. Interact. Seize the opportunity to get noticed and even build a relationship, before you’re officially interviewed. Positive social interactions can only help. Might be a good time to delete those embarrassing drunken university pics!

Match Yourself To The Role

You are likely replacing someone who has moved on, or you’re join an expanding team, look at the qualities the school or organisation prizes –- the ones the top employers have –- and see how they match yours, emphasise this and boost yourself in other areas.

Stop Procrastinating

If you know the school/organisation/company you want to work for, don’t wait for any official job posting. Most will accept resumes any time. The more active you are, the more you’ll have of getting noticed before the position is even advertised.

Successful job seeking comes from standing out, the top employers understand that, and are adjusting their recruitment processes to allow applicants a chance to shine and to focus their search on identifying the qualities that mean the most to them. Learn from this and jump to the front of the queue.

Happy seeking!

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