If you are feeling frustrated in your search for teaching jobs and sometimes an urge to shout from the rooftops, “Please, someone find me a job!”? Then what you need, is some expert assistance.

Ever wonder why you can’t find those great jobs? It’s probably because they are using a recruitment agency. It is becoming more and more standard for companies to turn to a recruitment service to sift through the countless CVs and interview the hundreds of people applying. Meaning that these agencies have clients that could be your next employer.

Recruitment takes a lot of time, and for many companies, it’s hard to allocate the staff and the time to do it well. Recruitment agencies fill a particular need and find the suitable candidates so that the employer can spend more of their time interviewing applicants.

Is an agency for you?

You may prefer to deal with the employer directly and if you know which companies you want to work for, and they accept direct applications, then there’s no reason to utilise a recruitment agency. However, the better-recruiting agencies can be great at getting you hired. After all, if recruitment agencies weren’t useful and necessary, there wouldn’t be so many of them.

How to pick the right one for you?

As with everything in life, there are good and bad agencies. You should do your research, and find out what other people have recently said about them. If you’re not happy with what you find, move on.

What are the benefits?

Coaching: A recruitment agency by default has a stake in your success, and it is in their best interest to coach you well for a potential job. Prepping you for interviews so that you impress any potential employer.

Help with your CV: An agency will often help you and rework your CV to precisely fit the jobs you are applying for and exactly what the prospective employer needs to see. You’d be surprised at how many people do not know how to write an excellent curriculum vitae.

Help with negotiation: A recruitment agency will assume the role of an agent working on your behalf. So if you have issues with your placement, want to negotiate salary, benefits, etc. they can mediate for you and aid your negotiation.

Here are seven things Cassidy Education can do to boost your search for your ideal teaching job:

1. Use our connections

Cassidy Education is connected to the education job market with a vast network of schools. We know who’s hiring, planning to expand, so if there are positions available that fit your talents and interests, we can help get your foot in the door.

2. Act as your guide

Once you register with Cassidy Education, you’ll be connected with a recruiter who’s committed to finding the right teaching job for you.

3. Marketing

Cassidy Education does much more than just sharing your resume with school. We’re also your greatest advocate and can discuss your unique talents at length to a prospective employer.

4. Spruce up your CV

We will offer you some essential advice on how best to write your resume to highlight your talents and experience in the best way.

5. A valuable resource

The Cassidy Education blog shares essential job search information. Our website also highlights the hottest (and highest-paying) teaching jobs, provides advice on developing your brand and tips for making the most of your interview and job search.

6. Provide interview techniques

Once registered you will gain access to guidance and tips (both online and in person) to help you smash the interview process. You’ll get everything you need to feel prepared and confident.

7. Continued support

When you get your dream job, Cassidy Education will still be there for you with further assistance. We will give ongoing professional development advice, along with career tips to help you thrive as a teaching professional.

Still wondering, if a recruitment agency is for you? Look no further than Cassidy Education. Get in touch today and let’s find you that dream job.


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