Choosing a teaching agency that suits your career needs and goals is an important decision. It is no secret that teachers are using agencies more and more to help them find the right jobs.

But with so many recruitment agencies for teachers out there, how would you know if your is a good one? To help with that we have compiled a checklist to help you choose a teaching agency that will not only take care of your career, but will also look out for you. Here it is:

A good agency is:

  1. Honest and realistic. Honesty is the best policy. There are a lot of agencies out there who will promise you the world, but good agencies tell you what you can realistically expect with your experience, skills and qualifications.
  2. Free. Recruitment agencies should not charge you at any point because the employer/school will pay them if the placement is successful. Always remember that you should never pay for a job.
  3. Good communicator. Other agencies would just put your name in a database without doing anything. A reputable agency would love to have a chat with you about your skills, experiences, and expectations. When they know you, you will also get to be offered the best job opportunities tailored for your skills. They can also offer the best advice and guidance suitable for you as well.
  4. Works only with good employers. This is an important one. A good recruiter will only place teachers at a school where it treats its students and employees well. Make sure that those schools are accredited or members of respected associations. Here at Cassidy, we only want you to work with the best.
  5. Supports you through the entire job hunting process. Make sure your recruiters don’t leave you out there alone! A good recruiter will be there for you right from the start, and they only want the best for you. They might advise you about your CV, help you prepare for your interview or sift through your job offers. This level of support is a hallmark of a good recruitment agency.

Find an agency you can trust or reconnect with your consultant. We promise it can make a whole difference when you have someone who knows you to take care of your career.

Cassidy Education offers all this and more. With over 5 years’ worth of experience in the teacher recruitment field, we take care of our reputation as being the best when it comes to taking care of our teachers. Don’t hesitate to contact us if you are interested to further your career with us. Good luck!

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