How to sell yourself, your skills and experience, to get the job you want.

To stand out from the crowd you’ll need to get the details of your expertise and experience in front of the right people, the right companies and in the places you want to work.

Getting your dream job isn’t all about your skills and experience. However difficult, getting the job you want will require you to actively market yourself. Being modest is likely to be your natural inclination, especially when talking about yourself or promoting your skills.  Be warned there is no place for modesty when searching for your dream job, you’ll need to show confidence in yourself and your skill set. Be honest about what you’re good at and be clear in your goals, decide whom you want to work for and the best way to contact them.

Cassidy Education wants to share some good practice to anyone looking to market themselves for the job they actually want. Check out our top tips below:

Revamp your CV

Your CV will often be the first chance you get to make a good impression, check out our blog article on Writing a successful CV for in-depth instruction. Having an impressive CV will impress prospective employers and recruiters, vastly increasing your chances of making a great first impression.

When writing your CV remember to include all relevant skills, experience and achievements. Be specific and list key achievements for greater visibility.

Contact a recruiter

Utilising a recruitment agency is often a great way to secure your dream job; they’ll have connections you can only dream of and in-depth industry knowledge to help match you with your ideal job.


Maintain a positive online presence, it is common for prospective employers to check online profiles prior to hiring. Your LinkedIn and Facebook should be up to date and your first choice for professional networking, they are convenient and very effective.

Advertise online

Get your CV on job boards, this is a very efficient way to get your CV noticed, as recruiters will often access job boards daily or even receive an email notification, if your skills match a vacancy they have.  Make sure you keep your CV up to date and follow the tips mentioned above to maximise your success.

Think about whom you want to work for

Your time is valuable so use it wisely, target your ideal workplace or company and match your qualifications to your desired career path, skill set and personal goals – start submitting those applications. Remember it’s a numbers game, the more you network, the more likely you are to succeed.

Be ready to sell yourself

Take a close look at what you can offer an employer? Why you want to work there? What you want for your future? These loaded questions are common in an interview scenario and you need to know what you want and what you offer, to be able to answer with confidence. Be prepared, confident, positive and precise in your responses.

Carve your own path

Be prepared to work hard and on occasions leave your comfort zone. You should think of yourself as a commodity and the more appealing you are, the more hirable you become. Work on developing yourself personally as well as professionally, if you want to achieve or even exceed your expectations.

Make yourself available

Social media is a great way to network but there’s no need to neglect the traditional face-to-face networking opportunities available to you. Take advantage of any networking groups that share your values and goals, locally to you. In fact, use any social opportunity to network.

Cassidy Education Ltd can assist you in your job hunt or transition. We understand education and educators; we are a boutique recruitment agency and pride ourselves on our ability to work closely with both clients and candidates. For more information on our services, contact us at 0207 692 0701 or email us now.

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