For all teachers, Autumn is the New Year; it’s a time of change, new schedules and ambitious personal expectations. The last thing you want to do is start the year full of energy and enthusiasm, only to find yourself burned out before the end of the Autumn term.

It is important that you maintain a lifestyle that keeps your energy levels high and ensures you don’t get first term burn-out. Below we list some suggestions for a lifestyle and diet that will help you accomplish this.

Start The Day Right: Be positive, tell yourself you’re going to have a great day today! Using positive words and thoughts have been shown to promote wellness and reduce stress.

Break Fast: Your brain loves breakfast and it needs protein, fat and carbohydrates to get those neurons fired-up. This is particularly important for teachers, as a tight/rigid schedule often won’t allow for a quick snack before lunch. If you find eating first thing upsets your stomache, why not try a protein-enriched smoothie.

Drink Coffee After Your Meal: Coffee releases a hormone called cortisol which causes sugar levels to rise and then of course, crash. To lessen the impact of coffee on the body, try to drink it on a full stomache.

Take A Snack Box: To optimise your energy throughout the day, you should try to snack before and after lunch. Prepare a few healthy snacks, maybe a salad and some veggies, bake some muffins on a Sunday and enjoy through the week.

Drink Water: It can be difficult juggling the need to drink and the difficulty of slipping off to the bathroom. You need to drink a small glass each hour. Try including soups, smoothies, fruits and vegetables into your diet that will hydrate without the need to run to the bathroom.

Remember to check-in with yourself: At least a few times through the day, every day. You are not able to teach your students or help anyone without enough energy.

These simple practices can really help you become in tune with your energy needs and over time you can fine tune. From all at Cassidy Education “Stay healthy”.

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