Ah, summer. The time when teachers can finally recharge. We have published a blog about summer jobs, now what if you wanted to relax this summer BUT move on to a new job? You know, a job that has better pay and possibly nearer to your house to cut the commute shorter. Or perhaps you want to change your career.

Whatever your reason is, we know that the summer holiday is actually a good time to look for a job. Yes, it is advisable to look for jobs earlier, but summer is also a busy time for schools to hire. Let us tell you the reasons why:

New roles are still getting filled. Budget approvals generally happen around February or March – before the start of each financial year. Now most head teachers prefer to hire candidates as soon as the budget is approved, but it tends to be front-loaded. The solution is that they spread out the hiring as much as possible. Because of this, hiring happens even during summer – especially for newly created roles.

May opens up for Entry Level roles. Because graduation is coming near, most recruiters and head teachers factor the graduation season when they are looking to hire for some entry-level roles. May is the perfect month for this. Generally, there are more junior level roles around summer. Now this is great news for those of you who want to shift to a new career. This is probably the best way to get your foot in the door!

Turnovers happen. The end of the school year means bonuses arrive for the teachers. Now even though teachers have to sign a commitment letter or contract before the new financial year (around February of March), some teachers hand in their resignation letters after receiving their bonus. Yes, it is not the best practice but it happens. This is your opportunity to fill those empty positions.

Now that we know that summer is a good time to look for a job, but there is also another thing for you to be aware of.

Recruitment might be slow. Yes, recruiting is definitely there, but headteachers need holidays too. Also, there are a lot of long weekends in summer. Scheduling is tough to nail down, and the longer it takes for you to get interviewed, the longer the process is going to take. Just be patient.

Don’t worry. Cassidy Education has got your back. We are always on the hunt for you, and we always follow up your applications for you to acquire your coveted job as soon as possible. Summer holidays? Bring it on. Click here to let us take care of your career.

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