It is spring term and we all know what that means – summer is upon us! Have you made your summer vacation plans? It is something to look forward to, isn’t it?

Why not make your summer productive by earning some extra cash on the side?

The teaching industry always has its fair share moonlighters – from budget conscious NQTs to experienced academic heads. Whether it’s a case of “musts and needs”, or paying the rent, maybe even gaining more experience for your CV, there are always options for you to choose from.

Here at Cassidy Education, we are on the lookout for you this summer (schools always need a summer school instructor after all), and we compiled other summer job ideas that can boost your teacher salary this upcoming summer break.

Tutoring. If you are a qualified English as a Foreign Language instructor, there is a huge possibility for you to have a working holiday as there are a lot of schools abroad which connect foreign teachers to local students who wish to brush up on their English skills. There are tutoring schemes that take the foreign teacher on sight-seeing tours and there are even positions that let you live-in with your host family. This can earn you a lot of rewards both professionally and personally if you want to sacrifice your free time and personal space. Alternatively, you can free a room and your house and house a foreign student or two. With prices ranging from £15 to £40, per student, you can earn a decent income over your summer break.

Summer camp. This maybe an American concept, summer camps, but that doesn’t mean you have to go to America. There are many summer schools across Europe, too. With free accommodation and food, you don’t have to invest of a lot, except for your time. The pay may not earn you a lot of money but the experience gives you a lot of experience, and that feeling of being a kid again – is priceless.

Writing books and educational materials. The summer holidays give you a lot of time which you can use for you to focus on another possible source of income: writing textbooks and resources for other teachers to use on the next academic year(s) to come. While there is a market that tends to pander to parents who buy each and every revision material for every subject on every key stage, this is not just about making money. Having a book with your name on the byline is a great boost to your CV as it boosts your professional reputation and may imply the fulfilment of personal goals.

Journalism. If you’re not into writing books, why not try writing for publications? Newspapers like The Guardian have sections that cater to the education sector and use first-hand accounts of teachers. The important thing is to do your research and pitch your idea very well. Be wise in your subject of writing though, you don’t want to be subjected to scandals as they can break your career!

Exam Marking. Not only good for your professional development, exam marking also lets you inside your student’s minds. There are factors to be considered like the amount of marking that has to be done and how fast can you mark these exams. But, you do need to ask yourself: Do you still have the energy to mark exams after a full year of doing so?

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