So, you haven’t heard back from your latest interview or application and you don’t know what to think. You ask yourself what did I do wrong? What could I have done differently?

Reality check! You were not the only one to apply for this job, if you use some simple math; you work out that more people are rejected than accepted after interview.

If you think on average, a job advertised online will usually receive hundreds of CVs, so then it is very likely that most, if not all job seekers will experience rejection at some point during their search.

First things first, don’t take it personally, remember you are not alone and everyone is all too aware of the awful feeling you get when waiting for news, hoping it went your way, meanwhile your brain is conjuring up all sorts of reasons for why you haven’t heard anything. At the heart of these questions is “WHY NOT ME?” to help answer that we have listed below some of the reasons we’ve found and a guide for what to do next.

Request an Assessment

For your own personal development, exposing yourself to constructive criticism is essential. If you are genuinely interested, and you make the interviewer aware of how important it is to you, you may receive some essential feedback or even a job offer – never underestimate how far a positive-attitude will take you!

By far the easiest way to obtain feedback is to work with a recruitment consultant, who is much more likely to obtain an open and honest assessment from any interviewer about your qualifications and performance throughout the hiring cycle.

To increase your chances of getting the job or feedback, try sending an email shortly after interview. It sounds obvious but this simple action is generally under utilised by job seekers. So, don’t be shy and send an email, it demonstrates a sincere interest in the role and at the same time affirms your professionalism.

Face Facts

Look at your feedback with personal development in mind and take this opportunity to look back at your approach and make the necessary changes and improvements. Our most common issues which we hear from our clients are mistakes and typos in CVs, cover and/or application letter, and an absence of experience or expertise. If this is your feedback then the least you’ll need to do is revisit your CV, cover letter, etc. and checking them thoroughly, maybe consider having a professional or a friend take a look at it. Whatever your feedback was, remember, no one is perfect and to keep an open mind when addressing any issues you have, making these necessary improvements will get you the job you seek.

Get Support

Talk to family and friends; sharing your experiences with loved ones will help you deal with the inevitable stress associated with job hunting. Searching for a job and the inherent rejections associate with it will surely lead to times of frustration and despair, an inner circle of people who are aware of your search will certainly be more understanding and sympathetic towards you, providing a shoulder you may at times need to cry on. The one thing you should never do is demonstrate your anger or any animosity towards your interviewer. Any unprofessional response will surely ‘burn any bridges’, ensuring no chance of future employment.

Continue the Search

Okay so you’ve listened to the feedback, addressed any issues and have a new positive approach to your job search, what now? You need to not only look at what did; you also need to look at what you didn’t do! Try aligning the position you’re applying for 100% with your qualifications and experience. Be selective and narrow your search to roles you feel match best. Take time to research the job, the environment, the company and it’s employees, this will allow you to make an informed decision prior to applying.

Speak to a Professional

Talk to an expert, here at Cassidy Education our consultants are always happy to offer guidance and support. Make contact today.

Speak to Friends

Network amongst contacts, socialise, attend networking events, many of the best jobs never even make it to the advertising stage and are filled amongst inner networks. What have you got to lose? Ask around.

Stop Procrastinating

Don’t spend days on end waiting for the phone to ring, take control and let’s hunt you down that perfect job. Make a start by contacting a consultant today on 0207 692 0701 or using the contact form below.

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