As a teacher, we know you have valuable skills like time management and multitasking. You can wear many hats: you’re a leader, you’re a mentor, you’re an inspector, an actor, a public speaker, etc. These skills and abilities coincide with other careers! We know that you have your career planned but sometimes things aren’t as perfect as it should be and it may not work out the way you planned it – and that’s fine.

If a detour means finding a career that will fit you, going “off the path” (or at least from your original plan) is worth it. You will never know unless you take it, maybe you just need to take a break from it all. It might reignite the passion you had for teaching. When that happens, Cassidy Education is always here to help you get back on track.

Here are some alternative careers for teaching degree holders for you to pursue. Do you see yourself doing one?

Online Teaching. Maybe it’s just the classroom? If teaching within the confines of your classroom is too much for you, maybe a virtual classroom will prove to be more suitable. The benefits are flexibility, cost savings (no more commutes!) and the comfort of being in your own home while still being an impact to your students.

Instructional Designer. An instructional designer is basically a teacher for teachers. How? An instructional designer improves and develops instructional theory and methods. He then creates manuals for teachers to ensure that the students learn optimally. Here, you are still impacting students but you are not holding classes (traditionally or online).

Other roles in the school. Let’s see. So teaching is not your thing but taking on a different role in your school’s organizational structure is still an option, right? Examples of these roles are: principal, school business manager and guidance counsellor. Cassidy Education lists jobs apart from teaching. Check it out here.

Librarian. Are you interested in literacy and media? Do you like the management and organisational roles that teaching gave you? You might be interested in becoming a librarian. Organising/cataloguing books, answering readers’ queries and staff training are just some of the responsibilities of a librarian.

Entrepreneur. Create your own job. Take everything you love and everything you learned about education and carve your own niche in the business world. One of the joys of being your own boss is that you can be flexible with your time meaning you can do whatever you want. Start with what you know and develop your selling skills. You can start a website dedicated to teacher’s health and wellness management. Perhaps you can create worksheets and sell them. Maybe you can develop an app that creates lesson plans easily. The possibilities are endless.

Hopefully, these five alternative careers will give you an idea about the versatility of your education degree. Whether you wind up as an entrepreneur or a librarian, we are sure you’ll find the best career that suits you and makes you happy. Good luck!

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