Are you a newly qualified teacher, looking at the world of education with curious eyes and a hopeful smile? Are you considering jumping into education as a second-career option? Or perhaps you’re a veteran teacher who happens to be unhappy in your current school? It doesn’t matter – you have to know that you are entitled to work in a place where you “fit” well and that “gets” you. Remember that the goal is not to get the first job that is offered, but to get the job offer that makes you happy.

Spring is a great time to hunt for jobs as a teacher as the head teachers find out who’s coming back or not for the next school year. Of course there are the teachers who are hired three days just before the school starts for the autumn term, but if you want choices, you should start the hunt now.

Here are some tips for you to help get ahead of the pack. Good luck to all you daring job seekers who don’t fear the quest of getting ‘The Dream Teaching Job’.

Tip 1: Create a list of classes and activities you have taught. Additionally, create a list of classes that you have NOT taught, but are interested in. Use this list as your guide to find programs and classes that cater to your interests.

Tip 2: Make a list of areas you want to work in. Start with maps and identify counties that interest you. You might want to work abroad to explore the world or maybe you want to work in a small village school for practical reasons. If you want to work in London for that lively and sophisticated urban experience, Cassidy Education is here to help you. Send us your CV to get started today.

Tip 3: Be nice. This should be a general life rule anyway – but what we mean here is to be nice to the office manager, the cleaner, the receptionist, security guard – everyone! Once you get a call from the school asking for an interview, these people in these roles will be the first you establish a connection with. Remember everyone will have an opinion, make sure the person who has the Head’s ear tells them, “Hey, I just met the nicest teacher!”

Tip 4: Know your educational philosophy. This is a very important thing to remember during the interview. Yes, it is important to drop certain words and trendy philosophies (differentiation, “student-centered”, multiple intelligences, holistic learning, etc) into your interview chat but if you don’t believe in a certain theory or philosophy, don’t say it. Also, always remember that the Head Teacher will want to know how you work with colleagues, how you deal with different types of learners in class and how you interact with parents.

Tip 5: Say thank you. Saying thank you after an interview is more than just being polite, it shows your enthusiasm for the position. Yes, your body language will convey enthusiasm during the interview but it’s nice to remind your interviewer after the interview itself. Don’t come across as needy or desperate; just show interest and desire for the role by being genuinely glad that an opportunity like this has been offered to you. Oh and don’t forget to send a quick ‘thank you for your time’ email.

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