You want to be a teacher, and you are currently researching about your next career. Maybe you are a teacher and you’re preparing to apply for the next school you are setting your eyes on. Whatever the situation is, we know that you have questions in your mind with regards to your job hunting.

Here are the answers to your most common questions related to teaching:

Q: I want to start teaching in September, when should I start my job search?

A: Searching for the perfect job can take a year in this economy, so start as soon as possible. We are not saying that you should send CVs here and there for a year – start by looking at websites, scout areas where you want to teach in. Read a lot about career advancement and start soliciting recommendation letters. Create a network of professionals and update your professional memberships. It sure takes a lot of preparation! If you want to start teaching in London, Cassidy Education is there for you to take care of everything. Just submit your CV and we will handle the rest!

Q:I have stayed at home for 5 years, as I have been a full-time mother to my small children. Does this hurt my chances of getting a job?

A: Employers know that women comprise 75% of the working population in the world of education. Teaching is also considered a “family-friendly” occupation. As a full-time, stay at home mom, have you done any work that you can add to your resume? You can mention some volunteer jobs that you might have joined, or perhaps seminars or classes. You may have also gained experiences as a mother, based on your own experiences. Have a list of gainful experiences that you can use as examples to showcase your skills is a good idea for you to be prepared in an interview.

Q: Are there books to read about getting a teaching job that I can use?

A: There are a lot of resources you can use for your research to aid you to look for the perfect job. Just go to an online bookstore and type “teacher job search” and that should have a list of book titles that are relevant to your need. However, you should be aware that job search for teachers are not like the ones in the business world. Teaching jobs have a special demand for certain skills, so your money will be best spent on resources that cater to teachers themselves. Cassidy Education knows this, so we put in the best resources in our blog for teacher/job hunters like you!

Q: I went back to college to become a teacher after spending 15 years in the business world. I am now almost 40. What are my chances of getting a job? Will schools prefer to hire a 22-year old fresh graduate?

A: You are not alone. A lot of new hires have shifted careers as well. Heads of school welcome experts from many fields of knowledge. Summarise your experience and be clear about how you gained your teaching certificate as employers are seeking articulate, fully-certified candidates. Your maturity can work in your favour as well.

Q: Is it true that employers can go to Facebook or other social media sites to find out about the lives of applicants?

A: Yes. Employers can, and do, go to these sites and research anything about you online. Clean up your accounts and be careful about what you post.

Q: What is the best advice you can give on getting a teacher’s job in today’s job market?

A: Start your search early and make use of your networks, both professional and online. Practice for your interviews by practicing your spiels about your teaching successes. Make all your paperwork error-free. Dress professionally for your interview and make sure your social media accounts have been tidied up.

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