If you are a newly qualified teacher and this is your first time applying for a ‘real’ teaching job, we have you covered for what to put in your first teaching CV. Here are some tips for Beginning Teachers.

Do Your Research

Being a qualified teacher isn’t enough; you have to have something extra to offer a school. Research the school and have a good hard long think about what it is that is makes you unique and worth hiring. Highlighted some of your specialities, think outside the box.

Tailor Your CV

Each CV you send should be specifically tailored to the school you’re applying for. Demonstrate you have researched and thought about this school and the reason you’re applying.

Keep It Concise

One way for a prospective employer will build an image of you is through your CV. Include only the details that are up to date and relevant.  Details of your distant past should only be present if applicable to the role being applied for. 2 sides of paper is not a lot of room to get everything in, so be selective with what you include.


Near the top of your CV you’ll want to include a section detailing where you qualified, details of your teaching placements, etc. Don’t forget to mention something you accomplished and are proud of whilst on placement.

Your Portrait

You 100% need to include a recent image of you looking your most professional. In this tech savvy world, you’ve most likely been networking online in your job search and people are more likely to remember your face than your name. So remember to include a pic.

Demonstrate Your Passions

A picture paints a thousand words. Use images to show off your individual approach or your passion for music, drama, tell your story. Schools will see an added benefit to having an amazingly talented teacher on staff.

Use Testimony

If someone has written something nice about you, remember to quote that in your CV and include a copy of it in your supporting documentation.


Once you have all your documents (cover page, application form, CV, references, formal appraisals, etc.) save them all as a single .PDF document. You are more likely to have your documents seen if it is a single download over many.

Get Online

Traditional paper CVs are less important in today’s digital world and it is ever increasingly more likely that your digital presence is going to get you the job. Frequently update your online portfolio, keep a YouTube page and fill it with videos of student learning, residential, school plays you played a role in. Keep a blog, appraisals from associate teachers and visiting lecturers, any planning you are particularly proud of etc.


Plan your CV, present it nicely and keep things concise and to the point. Have someone look it over and check for the usual typos and grammar errors you’ve overlooked.

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