Congratulations, you have a job interview for your dream school. Being prepared for your interview is always a good idea – especially in this job market where the school administrators only hire the top 5-10% of the new applicants. So what exactly do employers want from you? From basics such as being polite and being certified, to being experienced and skilled, you will be evaluated the moment you start your interview.

Brushing up on important education topics and demonstrating these following skills will surely help.

Make a good first impression. Employers want to hire a professional so make sure that your attire and mannerisms display the same characteristic. Heads know that their first impression of you will also be the parent’s first impression of you – and you always have to remember that the teachers represent the school. Look great and be positive.

Differentiation. Learning happens at different levels for each student. As a prospective teacher you will be asked about how you apply differentiation in your class. Be ready to answer that question and prepare to show an example in your portfolio. It is very important as a teacher to have an experience of handling students of verying academic levels in one classroom.

Classroom Management. One of the skills you should master as a teacher is classroom management. A great classroom is a calm, quiet one wherein learning can happen stress-free. Be prepared with having a classroom management plan with rules and positive reinforcement. Be ready to share your experiences on how you established procedures and routines in your experiences. Practice your answers about discipline and management.

Flexibility. Employers like teachers who can teach more than one subject or grade level. Job seekers who show interest or have multiple experiences in various levels and subjects are much more desirable.

Tenure. Administrators want their new hires to succeed, and retaining quality teachers is always a priority for any school. It is difficult to release a weak teacher, and it is also time consuming – hiring one that is strong and is staying is obviously the way forward for administrators. Share an example of your longevity at your previous job or even summer job to demonstrate your loyalty and persistence.

Positivity. Enthusiasm is an important characteristic of a teacher. Administrators need teachers that are on their toes and ready to inspire students to accomplish big things. Heads don’t like people who answer challenges negatively – burn out is a real issue in the teaching career and being positive is one way to combat burn out. Being pleasant and nice is also being professional. Keep it that way and your teaching career will be an enjoyable experience.


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