So you have decided that teaching is your calling – that’s fantastic! The next step to take is job hunting, and you are probably asking yourself if you should go look for jobs on your own or use an educational recruitment agency. Fret not, we hope this article will provide you with information you need to know.

First things first: you have to understand that most schools use recruiters. Why?

Good schools are very specific and selective when it comes to choosing their teachers. Interviews take a lot of time and money. Having an agency to prescreen their teaching candidates makes it faster for schools to find the right person. They send their specifications to the agency and the agency does the work of looking through their database for the right teacher that matches the requirements of the role.

Teacher recruitment agencies have access to various levels and types of teachers. They can be fresh from university, NQT or a very experienced one; science to art teachers, and the like.

Recruiters keep teachers happy. One of the more important reasons why schools using teaching agencies is because of the lower turnover rate. This is because agencies keep teachers happy by giving the teachers their exact match when it comes to expectations and needs.

Now why should YOU use a recruiter?

Recruiters are always on the teacher’s side: they help you find legitimate jobs, good contracts and fair compensation.

Going through a school employment contract can be overwhelming. Recruiters have a lot of experience in reading the fine print, legalities and other things that you would normally overlook but mean a lot in your job.

It saves you time and effort. With an agency, all you have to do is submit your paperwork – they will do the rest. No more hunching over your laptop looking at jobs boards until midnight. They do the rest, and you just wait for your interview date!

They say that everything is at your fingertips: that is true. It is so easy to find agencies these days! Just type in Google and what you need will be there in seconds – but there are two sides to a coin. It is as easy to find good agencies as the bad ones. Cassidy Education has a great reputation in the teaching world, so it’s really our best interest to help you in your career!

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